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Global Space Design Competition

July 9, 2022

For students aged 15-18, the GSDC is an intensive two-week summer camp (both online & residential) tailored to equip you with the skills necessary to elevate your university applications above the masses. Unique university taster courses, subject-specific teaching, and exposure to experts at Imperial College London, the University of Oxford, and the University of Cambridge.

Launching your university application.

Innovation and creation are the core themes of the GSDC. As a participant you will:

Residence & immersion.

Enrolling for the residential programmes offers you the opportunity to experience what it would be like as university student at Imperial College London or the University of Oxford. Living in their halls of residence, dashing around campus from one lecture theatre to another chasing inspiration, mind-mapping and collaborating in breakout rooms, and presenting in the theatres where countless people of influence stood before you.

Establish a valuable network of like-minded students, esteemed professionals, and a plethora of veteran space-fanatics such as academics, heads of businesses, and even astronauts.

Why stop there? We will put you in the same room as guest speakers from prestigious establishments such as the University of Cambridge, UCL, UK Space Agency, and Rolls Royce. Subject-tailored learning from academic and industry leaders enables you the chance to take your subject knowledge to the next level.

We offer you the chance to make your mark at two of Planet Earth's best universities.

Online experience.

The GSDC is now available in a digital format offering the best elements of the programme to anyone across the world.

No matter where you are, tune in and be inspired by guest speakers, lectured by industry leaders, and exhilarated by the Space Design Challenge that culminates the whole programme.

The challenge.

The Space Design Competition (SDC) is the event of the GSDC culminating all your hard work into a competitive design challenge usually lasting from 9am to 5pm the next day. So what is it all about?

Companies are formed from one or more teams. A briefing session will give you all the background information you need for the day before companies split off into their separate headquarters to begin working on designs.

The task is a complex one and can only be completed with the combined efforts of all individuals in the company. Your team will divide the work between four major disciplines and be brought together by a company president and vice presidents of engineering and marketing.

Self-nomination and elections for these posts are held within each company following the briefing.

Your company is supported by a volunteer CEO (usually an alumnus of the national and international competitions for senior students or also a teacher). The SDC is a student-led project: your CEO will only guide you towards discovering the answers you need, but will not provide them.

In the morning, a copy of the all-important Request for Proposal (RFP) is delivered to your company headquarters. This is a document produced by the Foundation Society that lists all the requirements expected from your design. We’ve designed the RFP to be challenging; the best solutions come from teams with imagination, creativity, and collaborative skills – to name but a few of the things that the judges will be looking for.

At the end of the day, your team will present your proposals to a panel representing the Foundation Society. Once all companies have presented their designs, the judges will evaluate them against the Request for Proposal, and then announce a winner.

12 of the winning students are presented the opportunity to attend the International Space Settlement Design Competition (ISSDC) held at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, Florida!


The Space Design Challenge is derived from the larger and more in-depth Middle East Space Design Competition (MESDC). From which, 12 of the winning students are presented the opportunity to be sponsored to attend the MESDC or the International Space Settlement Design Competition (ISSDC) in Florida.

Become one of the participants sponsored to attend the ISSDC this year!

Pricing & fees.

This is a chargeable programme hosted by Imperial College London with prices listed below.

NB. For schools interested in the GSDC programme for their students, group prices are available on request.

For the official brochures, please click the link above.

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