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Galactic Challenge

Made for students aged 9-14 & run throughout the academic year, this epic one-day event takes you on a journey 70 years into the future where you and your colleagues work together to design your very own settlement somewhere out there in space.

Hand-in-hand into the final frontier.

To try and understand the possibilities of tomorrow we have to become comfortable with letting go of today. But what happens when we need to solve the challenge of planetary resettlement 7 decades into the future? We need your help.

You probably already know that you would float in space because of the lack of gravity, and that your weight is not as high on the moon... but did you know that your generation is likely to be the first to live and work in space? The evolution of the International Space Station is the Deep Space Gateway and is being planned for the 2020s. It will orbit the Moon rather than the Earth as it is hoped that this will provide a gateway to further space exploration.

With your imagination and the science you already know, join us at the Galactic Challenge and give yourself the opportunity to put your ideas into practice.

Create a team together with your peers to design a space settlement to help humanity thrive! Take responsibilities that match your skills and interests. You can become the company president overseeing all operations, the engineer verifying the technical concepts, the creative thinker designing the ideas, or the head of business taking care of the budgets! Every role is equally important in launching your ideas off the ground.

“I never knew I had so many ideas in my head.” – Bede Student 2018

The challenge.

The competition is a standalone event, usually lasting from 9am to 5pm on a single day.

Companies are formed from one or more teams. A briefing session will give you all the background information you need for the day before companies split off into their separate headquarters to begin working on designs.

The task is a complex one and can only be completed with the combined efforts of all individuals in the company. Your team will divide the work between four major disciplines and be brought together by a company president and vice presidents of engineering and marketing.

Self-nomination and elections for these posts are held within each company following the briefing.

Your company is supported by a volunteer CEO (usually an alumnus of the national and international competitions for senior students or also a teacher). The Galactic Challenge is a student-led project: your CEO will only guide you towards discovering the answers you need, but will not provide them.

In the morning a copy of the all-important Request for Proposal (RFP) is delivered to your company headquarters. This is a document produced by the Foundation Society that lists all the requirements expected from your design. We’ve designed the RFP to be challenging; the best solutions come from teams with imagination, creativity, and collaborative skills – to name but a few of the things that the judges will be looking for.

At the end of the day, your team will present your proposals to a panel representing the Foundation Society. Once all companies have presented their designs, the judges will evaluate them against the Request for Proposal, and then announce a winner.

More detailed information can be found on the Galactic Challenge website.


The Galactic Challenge is a version of the Middle East Space Design Competition (MESDC) that has been tailored for younger participants. Many teams from the Galactic Challenge will later go on to take part in the MESDC senior competitions (aged 14-18).

Pricing & fees.

This is a charity-run event. There are no fees or costs involved in the registration and participation of the Galactic Challenge. For prospective hosts, please get in touch to discuss running a Galactic Challenge for your school.

Enrol now.

If you are interested in joining, hosting, or sponsoring a Galactic Challenge in your area please go ahead and get in touch to discuss this exceptional educational opportunity.

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