A little about us. 

Kareem Siyam Lewis
CEO, Director, & Co-founder
Perrum Singh Rehal
COO, Director, & Co-founder

KPHorizons (KPH) is an educational organisation that aims to broaden the horizons and prospects of students across the Middle East. Our objective is to provide students the best opportunity to explore a wide range of educational activities with space as the context and STEM at heart.

Our mission.

Our mission is to further the developmental learning of students and increase their employability in later life by offering elite programmes held in collaboration with some of the most prestigious institutes in the world. Inspiring young people to pursue further education in the realm of STE(A)M, healthcare, and the social sciences is critical.

Our ethos.

Learning is fun! We pride ourselves in our fundamental belief that students will excel when they are truly enjoying themselves in an innovative, creative, and inspirational environment.

Each of our programmes are set-up to provide students with an immersive real-world experience where they can put into practice and enrich the skills they are developing over their school career.

Home to prestigious educational opportunities for students in the Middle East

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